April 15, 2020

As many of you know, INFONANCIAL Software is now INFONANCIAL Solutions. Building on our values of reliability, integrity, and innovation; we are pleased to share that our team is diligently working on multiple enhancements that will be launched in the coming months.

Our entire software platform is being updated with a new Graphical User Interface which will greatly improve the user experience. The use of advanced informational components will make our programs more visually attractive,intuitive, and responsive. This new balance of functionality will to lead to increased speed and efficiency.


We are currently working on relaunching and updating our internet banking (INFONET) and introducing a new mobile app (INFOMAPP).  These changes will make our menu of internal offerings more complete.


We all recognize the rising level of dangerous threats relating to Cybersecurity issues.  INFONANCIAL realizes the growing need for our customers to protect their members’ assets and we now offer the following Cybersecurity training:

 ·  Cybersecurity awareness and best practices

 ·  Privacy protection and federal and Ontario legislation

 ·  Anti-phishing training 

The emphasis in our training is to offer content from the world’s leading experts in a format that is easy to understand for all of your staff and/or board members. We work both on building awareness and providing tools to reduce risks. As a courtesy, we can also provide a Cybersecurity awareness presentation to your board of directors.

We have successfully upgraded the firewalls critical for our data centres and offices to Next Generation standards including powerful integration of advanced Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention System, URL filtering, etc.  As part of our continuous improvement, all customers for whom we provide firewall services have been seamlessly upgraded to these crucial new standards.