A little about us

INFONANCIAL has been serving the banking needs of our clients since 1989. Our vision was to systematically build banking partnerships based on the core values of integrity and reliability. Today, our dedicated staff continue to build and expand upon those principles.

Solutions offers dynamic and specialized banking software solutions for financial institutions of different sizes. Our unique development process reflects our close relationships with our partners and ensures customized solutions that constantly evolve for current and future needs. As improvements and innovations are developed, they are carefully programmed to integrate seamlessly into operations.

Our advantageous business model provides immense value as upgrades to the banking system are rolled out to all clients. Regardless of size, all of our partners can benefit from the same, up-to-date capabilities and options. It also means, that all of our clients have the most effective and reliable banking solutions that bring both peace-of-mind and the knowledge that we are ready with advances as they become available.

Our software is designed for future expansion and options from the outset. Our banking system is often compared to building blocks than can be custom configured for the needs of the specific client.

Our Team & Service

We pride ourselves on having a very experienced team with decades of software, service, and banking experience. This gives us tremendous advantages in terms of our understanding of the complexities of our industry and insight into the needs of our stakeholders. Experience matters and makes a difference when dealing with an industry as complex as banking. We also actively participate in student co-op programs and hire people with experience in new and advanced technologies to keep INFONANCIAL fresh and innovative.

In a world where technology companies have long wait times to reach outsourced 3rd world call centers, you can still pick up a phone and speak directly to our staff. We pride ourselves in avoiding voicemail by answering all calls promptly. The majority of our customer service calls continue to be fully resolved within 20 minutes; with 94% resolved within a day.