Technology & IT Management Services

Support & Training

Switching over to the new core banking system is not only about the actual conversion, it is also about the journey to get there. We make the transition as easy as possible by providing hands-on support to each level of your staff; front-line, back office, IT, and management. Careful planning, a committed team, and timely training will mean that INFONANCIAL will assist your staff in a smooth conversion with minimal inconvenience for all of your stakeholders.

Full-Service Banking System Hosting & Monitoring

We do the work behind the scenes so that your organization can concentrate on the banking needs of your members/clients. Best practices include using updated and reliable technological solutions to monitor problems and resolve them in the fastest time possible. This includes being ready for the unexpected and having solutions in place quickly. With 24-7 service problems are often seamlessly resolved before anyone else is even aware.

Ongoing Development & Universal Updates  

Banking, technology, compliance, and security are constantly changing and this means that your solutions need to constantly improve and evolve.
The core banking system is constantly upgraded and updated .Our philosophy has never been to charge each client for each individual change, - instead we use a universal approach. Once a new system change has been tested in-house and with a beta-site; all clients are given the same updates at the same time. This means your system is always keeping pace with your needs.

Secure Off-Site Backups

Everyone understands the need for a backup of your business information and financial transactions.
We make sure that the data is continuously backed up and encrypted to the highest standards. Our systems built in a way that the main banking host sends not only daily backups to the backup server, but also every transaction. For added security, a third encrypted backup is stored on a removable media that taken off-site every week. The same process applies to our processing servers.
Need back up for your business documents - we are here to help.

Partner Upgrades

One of the basic advantages of the INFONANCIAL banking system is that all of our clients get the same updates and have the same core system. Customization is achieved by our modulate approach and by choosing which features and settings each financial institution needs for their own needs. When it comes to testing and certification, you benefit from a system that already works with the major 3rd party players on the market. This means that minimal testing is require in most circumstances. You are not starting from scratch to create new connections-just verifying that existing ones work as expected, When a new product/service is implemented, we can test it with you and help you through the entire process. We know the major players and they know us; so we understand how to get things done as smoothly as possible.