June 29, 2020

July 1st is Canada Day and the entire INFONANCIAL team wishes you and your families a safe and happy holiday. We are a proud Canadian company and we are honored to live and work here.

July 1st is also an important milestone for us:  it marks our first complete year since we were relaunched as INFONANCIAL Solutions under the leadership of our CEO, Alex Plotkin. We are truly delighted and proud to wish you all a HAPPY INFONANCIAL DAY!

In the last year, we have had quite a few days where we have notified you of system changes, upgrades, and maintenance. We have replaced and upgraded almost all the technology in our entire system and all of our long-term client servers will be updated by the end of the summer. These changes in hardware and software have brought us up to the next technology level and will improve reliability and security for many years.

Like all organizations, COVID-19 has caused us some delays but we are continuing to make major advances with numerous changes and enhancements including:

  • Our new loans origination system is now nearing completion. We plan on being able to have pilot trials at the end of the summer.
  • Our GUI interface has also taken major strides forward and we will be able to show it to you over the coming months.
  • Major upgrades have already been completed to our cyber-security and we are offering new supplemental services.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we are excited to launch our new website:

It is quite a bit different from the static one-page site which we had just a year ago. Most importantly, it is much more representative of our products, services, and team.

We have been working extremely hard over the past year, but the confidence and appreciation of you, our partners, has really motivated and inspired us. We are continuing to grow and improve and we look forward to serving your needs for many more years to come.