INFOLEND - Loan Origination System

Our clients told us that they wanted a lot more from an LOS and that they were not happy with any of the currently available solutions. So, we went back to basics and asked them exactly what they wanted, needed, and expected from a first-class LOS. The result is INFOLEND - a user friendly LOS that does the work for you. INFOLEND is web-based, very efficient and compatible for any financial institution. The program pulls all of the required information from your core banking system. Then it uses that information to pre-fill the PDF’s required for the loan documentation as well as your third-party forms. Depending on your needs, the process can be partly or fully automated. The best LOS is the one that intuitively does what you want it to do - not the system that you have to adjust to. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our LOS to you and your team; just contact us to arrange for a convenient time.  If you have no current LOS, find out what we can do for you and your lenders. If you have a current LOS, see what we can do to help you simplify your processes and reduce wasted time and employee stress.