New software release

June 15, 2020

· Our next software release is expected shortly and will include: the “chip on chip” functionality and 2-day transit open payments hold for Interac; our annual updates to the CRA file exchange; and some minor system enhancements.  


· We note that our DICO reporting and IFRS9 reporting for FSRA in Ontario continues to be popular with our credit unions and is truly unique in banking systems. By having these programs “built in”, our clients both save time and have the advantage of accurate reporting that keeps the regulators happy.



· Looking for a way to help members with saving money? INFONANCIAL’s Save it Up is a savings option that lets credit union members automatically round up POS purchases to the next multiple of $1, $5, or $10; and the extra amount then goes into a savings account. The more transactions that a member has, the more money that is saved.  This is a great way to help members save with minimal effort.