Certification announcement

September 11, 2020

We are proud to announce that INFONANCIAL Solutions has achieved 2 significant milestones: We are in compliance with #SSAE18/ #SOC1 and are certified for the #CSAE3416.

These achievements are the result of a huge amount of effort and involvement from the Infonancial team and are the confirmation of our commitment to meeting our customer's data security requirements. In the process of upgrading our security, we have made numerous changes and implemented a number of security systems, and now we are able to offer many of these to our customers. We are currently providing further Cybersecurity services: advanced email security, endpoint protection, and Security Operational Centre monitoring. We already have many of our clients using our advanced computer protection service and two just started to use email security and the SOC monitoring service. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these and upcoming cybersecurity services with you. The cost is minimal but the risk from cyber threats is high.

- In addition to the use of professional cybersecurity; here are some tips to help protect your credit union:

• Don’t ever assume that “It will never happen to me”. Financial Institutions are the most frequently attacked businesses. CEO’s and executives are often targeted by criminals posing as legitimate customers.

• Most attacks succeed when the employees, open emails from hackers, or download questionable files.

• Keep software up to date; especially your operating system, web browsers, and plug-ins. You should turn on automatic updates on these to keep current. This includes Windows updates.

• NEVER leave devices unattended--- and set up lock screens in case you forget.

• Sensitive data should never be transferred out onto personal devices or sent by unencrypted email.


- Once criminals hack an individual’s banking information, a common way to steal funds is to set up a credit card bill payment and then to start transferring funds out. These transfers are usually smaller amounts to avoid detection. However, the amounts are sometimes quite large for commercial accounts as they are often more difficult to detect. Make sure that your INFONACIAL Bill Payment Control Table has a reasonable limit on it. The default is very high at $99M and you should limit transactions to a smaller amount like $50,000, or even less, to limit the funds being sent out.